Daily Press columnist Jack Neworth neglected to point out the jackass in the middle of the room — the stubborn entitlement mentality enabled by the current political class which stalls individual and economic recovery (“The elephant not in the room,” Laughing Matters, Nov. 9).

Let’s not forget that President Obama extended Bush’s policies of never-ending deficit spending and military presence in Afghanistan. Our entitlements are still losing their funding. Beyond W’s Medicare expansions, Obama added “ObamaCare,” which robbed Medicare. “Is your children learnin’?” Apparently, Obama was not one of them, braying our nation’s way to bankruptcy.

As for “Poor Mitt,” his primary opponents savaged him as much as the opposition for “making money.” Something is very wrong with this picture.

Moreover, to describe the last GOP convention like a “country club” ignores the increasing number of black Republicans, GOP “governors of color,” and the GOP Latinos who favor more outreach. The Democratic National Convention looked more like the country club, including former President Bill Clinton, who has been accused of committing rape, not just talking about it.

Finally social liberal/fiscal conservatives like Gary DeLong and Bill Bloomfield lost by six points in their California Congressional races. They pointed out that the “jackass in the middle of the room” cannot be ignored forever.

As for Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, they also refused to ignore the “jackass.” Not just their social views, but their insistence on spending cuts offended voters. Granted, the GOP should broaden their tent, but the fiscal message is right on. Neworth can blame the party, but he shouldn’t blame the partiers.


Arthur Christopher Schaper

Torrance, Calif.

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