Our downtown area already has a serious traffic gridlock and parking problem. So why is the city even considering demolishing an existing parking structure to build a new massive movie theater on Fourth Street that will eliminate 344 public parking spaces downtown and create even more traffic gridlock?

Sure, the developers and city claim that the public parking structure being rebuilt on Second Street will “almost” replace the 344 parking spaces lost because of the proposed new gigantic movie theater.

But that’s a just load of nonsense. The Second Street structure was planned to be rebuilt with additional parking spaces long before the monster-sized movie theater was proposed. The city claimed it had to tear down the Second Street structure to add more parking spaces because more parking was desperately needed downtown.

Is the city now telling us that those extra parking spaces really weren’t needed after all, or is it just talking out the other side of its mouth, again, to accommodate another developer? Just wondering.


Virginia Isaacs

Santa Monica

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