Now the City Council will be asked to rule on a Christian nativity display in Palisades Park, staffed by volunteers in two-hour rotations, and you even get hot chocolate along with your prayers!

They just don’t give up, do they!

Wonder if the Jews, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the atheists, the snake-worshippers, and the rest will also demand two-hour time slots to put on “their” respective performances. The southern end of Palisades Park could get pretty crowded, what with the outgoing and incoming belief systems (religions) jostling for position.

I can’t be the only long-time Santa Monican who wishes these Christian “activists” (to use a polite term) would keep their beliefs to their houses of worship and stop trying to invade the public space. Be glad you live in the U.S. where you are free to practice your religion!


Sara Meric

Santa Monica

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