We have all walked, cycled or driven over the bridge that leads to the Santa Monica Pier and one can’t help but notice how unsafe it is for all modes of transportation, especially pedestrians and cyclists. The city of Santa Monica has been able to obtain funding from the federal government to replace the bridge with a more pedestrian/cyclist friendly bridge that will be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, which it currently is not.

The Landmarks Commission, in its ultimate wisdom, is attempting to landmark the bridge, which could ultimately stop its replacement. The landmark status of the bridge is not backed by the commission’s own consultant report and the bridge does not meet current standards for accessibility, per ADA.

Additionally, the city staff report does not recommend landmarking the bridge.

I encourage you to attend the Landmarks Commission meeting on Dec. 10 and voice your opinion to not landmark the pier bridge, so that a new, pedestrian/cyclist friendly, ADA compliant bridge can be built.


Michael Dubin

Santa Monica

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