I just returned from voting at City Hall and was hugely disappointed to see that they did not stop the massive new Town Square construction for voting day. It was so extremely loud and disruptive that if I was a non-passionate voter I might have thrown my arms up and left. Imagine a measly wire fence separating me from a giant bulldozer, jack hammers and a lot of men in hard hats.

I find it not only to be a voting deterrent, but disrespectful to the most important day for our nation, state and city. Banks, business and all workers stop on Christmas Day, but not on voting day! If we shut down on voting day the way we do for Christmas people would have more time to volunteer, more voting places, more voting assistance and people could drive those to vote who do not have access. We treat voting day so blas√© or even like it’s a chore. I am so disappointed in Santa Monica City Hall today for not managing our voting day properly and respectfully.


Wendy Schmidbauer

Santa Monica

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