Thank you, Santa Monica Daily Press, for running your front page AP story “Billionaires, shadowy groups fuel pricey election.” Sadly, this is probably the most important story of our time.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision (which reversed 100 years of American law) handed our American middle class over to amoral Wall Street bankers and predatory multi-national corporations that pay the biggest bribes. (Oops, I meant campaign contributions.)

Washington is now owned by lobbyists and super PACs giving hundreds of millions of secret political bribes/donations. They can now extort nearly every politician in America. (“If you do not do what we want we will bury you in the next election with negative ads.”)

Romney, Ryan and nearly every Republican/Tea Party politician have sold their souls and our American middle class to the 1 percent. Their masters are Wall Street bankers, predatory multi-national corporations (oil/coal/chemical), and the 1 percent like Adelson/Koch brothers, who only care about bigger annual bonuses, cutting their taxes, and gutting all regulations on labor, safety and the environment. The Koch brothers already own the Supreme Court — just Google “Koch Supreme Court.”

It’s not pretty and, personally, I’m not optimistic


Glenn Bradley

Santa Monica

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