Hey Lily (“Get a clue,” Letters to the Editor, Oct. 24),
Where do you get off making the statement “as if a Republican landlord claiming to protect renters had any credibility to begin with?”
Huh? So, what you’re telling us is that Republicans have no credibility? That only Democrats or Independents protect renters? Really? People like you and your socialistic ideas and obvious hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like you are the reason our city is in such a mess.
The last I checked, party affiliation has nothing to do with land ownership. And while we’re on the subject of false and misleading ballot statements and candidate promises, you might take a glance at all the propaganda clogging our mailboxes from your “peeps” like Gleam Davis and her partners in crime. All that wasted ink, paper, time and postage to try to make us believe she is concerned with limiting development, while she approves any and all new developments, no matter how ghastly or detrimental they may be.
And then there’s her claim of improving traffic flow in our city. Who believes that traffic flow is better than it was before Gleam Davis was elected? Should I even delve into your “blatant pandering” closing comment as it relates to the crap in my mailbox with Gleam’s name on it?
You are obviously an Obama-sticker displaying, Prius driving, yoga mat toting, wheat-grass juice guzzling, don’t bother me with the facts, I know what I think, lib, completely closed-minded to anyone who doesn’t agree with your thought process. It’s time for those of us who care about Santa Monica’s future to outlaw and ban the color Kim Jong-il green. It’s time to vote out and replace all the incumbents that are hell-bent on keeping and increasing the communistic themes, designs, tone and ideology that have ruined our once open, airy, and unclogged city by the sea.

Lori Emerson
Santa Monica

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