The recent column urging a vote for Romney because he’s a strict constructionist of the Constitution made me laugh out loud (“The most important election in history,” Your Column Here, Oct. 19). If the strict constructionists had ruled since 1789, Obama wouldn’t have been allowed to vote, let alone run for office. Nor would the wife and mother and daughters of the writer, if he has any of those types around the house.

Romney has shown himself to be extraordinarily effective at “telling them what they want to hear.” It doesn’t matter whether the “sales prospects” are owners of acquired companies, or liberal-leaning voters for governor in Massachusetts, or Tea Party extreme-conservatives in the Republican primaries, or — as this is being written — middle-class voters for president of the United States. He has changed his tune so many times to tell these disparate constituencies what they wanted to hear that he no longer seems to believe in anything — if he ever did. He is a driven salesman who will say anything to close the deal.


Doug Hedlund

Santa Monica

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