The other week your paper noted no complaints related to the new parking fee increases. Perhaps there are too many tourists in Santa Monica that don’t take the time to complain. This long-time resident is not happy paying $1 for 30 minutes. That is double the prior cost. How much money does Santa Monica need?

It used to be a dime for eight minutes. Now it is six minutes. Who can do anything in six minutes? So you have to add more money to add more time, which then is double the cost. You should see those meter maids circle those six-minute parking meters to issue tickets. Those are golden meters for Santa Monica. The number of tickets they can issue every six minutes is impressive!

What about having to wait in line, at times 15 minutes, behind visitors who have to figure out how to use the one and only pay station available? Why can’t there be more pay stations? Why do we have to be controlled like sheep waiting in line? While you are adding more pay stations, how about more stations with the cash access function. I hate putting a $1 charge on my credit card, stupid!

What about the other meters where you can no longer pay for 20 minutes? You are forced to pay more money for an hour when you only needed 20 minutes. Again, less time and more money.

I should not neglect to ask how many parking spots were taken away so that taxis and mammoth buses can sit in spots that used to be for cars?

I am sure the city will not roll back the prices as they are greedy. As a local, I will do everything possible not to pay for parking; the prices are too high and do not accommodate residents.

Another bonehead decision from our City Council! Greed at its best!


Nikki Tran

Santa Monica


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