I am writing in response to Bill Bauer’s column “New blood needed on school board,” My Write, Oct. 1. I have been a parent in the school district for many years and will support Jose Escarce, Maria Leon-Vazquez and Ben Allen for re-election. They have been steadfast supporters of all children, especially in these difficult financial times. They have been stewards of this district and kept us on much more sound financial footing, despite the state’s constant budget cutting, than most of our surrounding districts.
Board of Education members are elected at-large, which means by definition they must represent all children. While I agree Malibu should have a voice on the board, the candidates from Malibu are only running to represent the Malibu students.
Bauer completely misrepresented the agenda of the Malibu candidates whose website and signs indicate what they stand for, “From Malibu. For Malibu.” They are interested in being on the board solely for the purpose of splitting away from the district. Any material they have provided, and there are many questionnaires that they have filled out available on local websites, show their Malibu bias. Bauer, you call yourself an independent observer, but you have clearly been duped by the candidates who have done very little to hide their real agenda. If Malibu wants to split off and form their own district, I support them. But while this district is still the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, I want leadership that is experienced, thoughtful and has all the students’ best interests at the forefront of their agenda. That is why I will vote to re-elect Jose Escarce, Maria Leon-Vazquez and Ben Allen.

Sarah Lend
Santa Monica

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