Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom is in the fight of his political life with Betsy Butler for the 50th Assembly District seat.

So, this week’s Q-Line question asked:
Who will you choose on Nov. 6 and why?

Here are your responses:
“I don’t know a lot about Betsy Butler, but I am going to vote for her. I would never vote for Mayor Richard Bloom. I don’t like him, and all of his people who call me for a vote are surprised when I tell them I wouldn’t even vote for him for dog catcher. It’s personal and it was a year ago. No on Richard Bloom.”

“The only reason to be happy that Bloom is running for Assembly is because it finally gets him off the council. Just look at his record on the council. Yes on everything the developers wanted. He went out of his way to find loopholes for them. What good can we expect from him in the Assembly? On the other hand, we know Butler’s exceptional service in the past, which is all, and I quote, serves the people.”

“Gosh, who do I vote for, Mr. Bloom who has a horrid record of systematic voting for social justice negatives, greatly helping to steer Santa Monica to the atrocity it has become? Do I vote for Ms. Butler, another lackluster Fran Pavley or Julia Brownley prot√©g√©. Santa Monica deserves better than a choice between someone who has already greatly helped to destroy it and someone whose unsaid female effervescent social action will continue the promotion to another narcissistic politician. To be politically incorrect — God help us.”

“Making my pick, I’m going to take Mayor Richard Bloom because he’s really helped Santa Monica. Betsy Butler, she lived in the, I guess, the Marina area, and I guess she was thinking about Inglewood and she knew she probably couldn’t win because she’s white and they’re mainly black so she’s now going to try and get votes in Santa Monica. But Bloom has proved he’s helped out here so I’m for him. Going for Bloom.”

“I have already voted by mail and I did not vote for Richard Bloom. I feel he is one of the councilmen who have ruined Santa Monica.”

“I will be voting for Betsy Butler because she is not Richard Bloom.”

“Betsy Butler is a carpetbagger. We need someone in Sacramento who is going to worry about the big problems and that is our true local representative Richard Bloom. It’s nice she cares about baby bottles, but before we worry about such problems, we need to solve the issues which threaten our state.”

“I’m leaving that space blank. Richard Bloom, who is overly cozy with the overdevelopers and the tourist-trappers, has done everything in his power to destroy the city of Santa Monica. Think of what he could do at the state level? In fairness, I’ll add that most of the misbegotten members of our city government are also doing the same for their personal fun and profit. Some of these are running for reelection. The piddling so-called campaign contributions they published did not include their bribes. On the other hand, enough votes for Betsy Butler means Bloom stays right here. As a public service, he should leave and take his cohorts with him.”

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