I would like to ask your newspaper to do a thorough investigation and let the readers know who is responsible for destroying Downtown Santa Monica. The traffic is absolutely unbearable, there is no parking and micro-sized condos and apartments are going up everywhere. Middle-class dining spots, like Norms and Denny’s, are being lost. Now we are losing traffic lanes on Ocean Park Boulevard for no apparent reason.

Meter maids are everywhere, and the meters don’t give you enough time to take a walk, have dinner and coffee, and walk back to your car. We are being told to take the Big Blue Bus, but the few times I have tried have been terrible experiences.

Today it took me almost two hours to get from Venice to Santa Monica Boulevard and 20th Street because two No. 1 buses passed me, and the one that picked me up had an incident with a passenger who fell down and the driver stopped for an indefinite period until a supervisor could come investigate the woman’s physical condition.

Did the voters of Santa Monica ever have a chance to decide whether they want Santa Monica to turn into Manhattan? Or do they not matter, only deep-pocketed developers and big spending tourists? Where oh where has the beautiful, sleepy little town of my youth gone?


Miriam Jaffe

Venice, Calif.

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