Clarification on the report “Schools could see big bucks under Prop. 38” (Oct. 19, pg. 1).

What most people don’t seem to realize is that under Prop. 38, the community colleges would receive no funding at all. If both measures pass, the one with the most votes prevails.

If Prop. 30 passes, 89 percent of the money would go to K through 12 and 11 percent of the money would go to community colleges.

Santa Monica College would normally have published the spring schedule of classes by this time. There are two schedules waiting to be published depending on the results of the election. One if Prop. 30 passes. A significantly smaller schedule if Prop. 30 does not pass.

If Prop. 30 does not pass, hundreds of classes will be cut from the spring schedule. With 35 to 45 students per class, that’s as many as 22,500 opportunities lost for students to complete the requirements to graduate or transfer to a four-year college or university. That’s in addition to all of the classes lost because the winter session has already been canceled.

Most of the professors at SMC are part-time professors. Failure of Prop. 30 would mean the lay off of a significant number of professors and a large number of staff employees. In addition to the lack of classes, numerous services would be cut, including those provided by counselors.

Many four-year colleges have cut back so drastically that those schools are not accepting freshman or sophomores. They are only accepting transfer students to the upper division classes.

There have been a number of vicious and misleading ads on the radio and TV against Prop. 30. Remember, just because ads appear on TV or the radio does not mean what is being said is true. Remember also that the money from Prop. 30 will have an immediate effect, as opposed to a wait of a year for Prop. 38 funds. Prop. 30 will not hurt K through 12.

Please vote yes on Prop. 30 and no on Prop 38. The future of education depends on it.


Jeanne Laurie

Sunset Park

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