It’s no wonder that Santa Monica’s precarious financial situation is going to lead to downgrading of the city’s credit worthiness (“City officials puzzled by credit rating review,” Oct. 11). And it’s no wonder our absolutely clueless City Council and city manager are the only ones who seem surprised by it. They spend money like drunken sailors on shore leave. Unfortunately, they do it with our money.

Hopefully, there will be a wholesale change in City Hall after the November election. Just remember to not vote for any incumbent, or any candidate supported by and in the pocket of and indebted to Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights or the city’s public employee unions. Those special interest groups have exercised complete control over the politicians who should be looking out for our interests, and they have exacerbated our city’s financial woes and will continue to do so in their own financial interests to our detriment until we vote the rascals out and tell them we have had enough.


Walter Greenberg

Santa Monica

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