My fellow Santa Monica tenants, a vote for Robert Kronovet is a vote to keep the fox in the henhouse.
No group has less compassion for renters or more contempt for rent control and tenant protections than landlords, and Kronovet, who told me himself he’s a Republican landlord, is the darling of the viciously anti-rent control organization Action Apartment Association. Their stated goal is to end rent control and tenant protections in the name of property rights. For Kronovet and his cronies, it’s all about money. To them, tenants are a necessary annoyance, and rent control and eviction protections are the bane of their existence. If it were up to Action, tenants could be evicted for no reason at all and rents could be raised at a landlord’s whim.
If you’re a renter in Santa Monica, do yourself and the city you love a favor. Get Kronovet off the Rent Control Board and let those with tenants’ best interests in mind serve our city!

Steve Schwab
Santa Monica

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