Columbus Day, for me a day to discover the sounds of silence on Second Street. A reprieve from the construction and mayhem due to our must-have, $43 million new-and-improved parking structure at 1431 Second St. I was on my way to 24 Hour Fitness knowing that parking would be plentiful.

Oh wait, my bad. The construction was in full effect. Why? The men at work don’t work for the city of Santa Monica. They don’t live in the city of Santa Monica. Our tax dollars have been outsourced. And it’s not just Second Street, it’s happening all over the city. Locals are not being employed, they are being annoyed, driven insane by the constant noise and the interlopers and their new toys. Don’t bother writing your council person.

The $43 million was allocated in a unanimous 7-0 vote by the City Council for the demolition and rebuilding of Parking Structure 6.

“I think we have made the right decision to concentrate parking on this site,” Councilmember Kevin McKeown said.

Oh how I wish I could attend the “Hometown Forum,” this Wednesday, dressed as Nancy Kerrigan and wailing at the dais “Why, why, why?”

Before I was escorted out of the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium, I would yell, “Am I to believe you could not find a qualified hometown native to help run the city? You had to go outside of the city to hire again?”

Our new city clerk is Sarah Gorman, former city clerk of Santa Clarita. Mayor Richard Bloom announced the appointment welcoming Sarah to the community and noting that Gorman was considered uniquely qualified for the post by the City Council.

As Santa Monica city clerk, Gorman will receive a base salary of $159,912, relocation assistance of up to $10,000. The appointment follows a nationwide recruitment that attracted more than 80 candidates and council interviews with two finalists.

Santa Monica has been invaded by BMWs, Louboutins, Vuittons, Dancer, Prancer and Vixens. They are rude, ruled by a sense of entitlement and don’t talk to you, but at you. They believe they can fly right past you, over you and crush you.

Back to the nightmare on Second Street where you’ll discover newly zoned tour bus and taxi parking. You cannot park in front of the 24 Hour Fitness. You can hop on a tour bus to Universal City, Hollywood or Beverly Hills. You know the ones with those lovely advertisements on wheels rolling down Fourth Street and Montana Avenue.

Did I mention the increase in parking fees throughout the city? We need a new lot all right, a new lot of council members who care about us.

See you at the polls or on the poll depending on who wins.


Valerie Scott

Santa Monica

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