Dear City Council,

I’m writing to you to show you how disgusted and upset I am at your recent price hike at all the parking places in and around the Third Street Promenade (the ones I know of at least — no doubt the price hikes were across the parking lots).

As a council that prides itself on regulating rent control for housing, it seem you are greedy enough to increase parking by up to almost 50 percent.

Before Oct. 1, it was a flat rate of $9 for after 2 hours of free parking, now it is 25 percent less free time and $14 max per day. Why the major increase?

Everyone needs extra cash, what with gas prices going up to $4.45 in some areas, but we all have to manage our purse without inflicting unnecessary hardship because we (Santa Monica council) can increase them.

If I as a landlord raised my rent as you have for renting a parking space, you’d throw the book at me and tell me all sorts of laws preventing me from doing this, yet are you as a council not compassionate enough to see what you are doing is hurting normal, everyday people, and increasing it as you feel? Why the hypocrisy and double standard?


Carlos Korotana

Santa Monica

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