Here we go with another “plea for help” to keep the sinking state of California afloat by picking the pockets of taxpayers rather than tightening the belts of our legislators that can’t seem to stop writing checks. Melissa Grant’s letter (“Calling for help,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24, 2012) has fallen on deaf ears. There’s always two sides to every proposition that gets on a ballot, but Prop. 30 and Prop. 32 are particularly confusing, and misleading.

As I understand it, Prop. 30 raises sales taxes to give to education. We already do that in Santa Monica at every election. Prop. 30 money is not targeted for the schools as Melissa would like us to believe. The money is going to be used to prop up the ridiculous pension and retirement plans that the state can’t cover. There is no guarantee that one cent will go directly to the students. Fewer teachers will be a great result, because only 50 percent of the kids in the schools graduate anyway. Melissa is missing another fact, and that is that a college education is a privilege, not a right.

Melissa Grant’s statement “to avoid disastrous results, we must help our fellow Californians understand the importance of passing this measure.” Important to who? The last thing I want to do is to pay more sales tax to fund the six-figure retirement of some overpaid, under performing teacher backed by a union that protects child molesters. Why would anyone vote to pay for increases for state employees and/or teachers that aren’t rated on their actual job performance? Who wants to admit that they voted for a measure that protects, shields and ensures retirement pay for child molesters? Sorry, Melissa, your Chicken Little message isn’t working on me.

As for Prop 32, “Citizens United on steroids,” yeah … finally. As I understand Prop 32, it will curtail the power of the unions, which are breaking the state of California as well as the entire country. Maybe billionaires and corporations should rule the political landscape, as Melissa fears. And Melissa warns “but don’t be fooled.” There is nothing more foolish than paying for something and getting no return on the investment. Melissa has hung out the recruiters wanted banner — oh great, more hand wringing door knockers with colorful clipboards taking up parking in my neighborhood. Time to polish up my “no soliciting” sign.

If Melissa can call for help, I can call for a stop to helping. Stop helping the state legislature spend us into bankruptcy.

Vote no on Prop. 30 and yes on Prop 32.



Lori Emerson

Santa Monica

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