I am a member of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Myself, as well as many of my friends, who are residents of Santa Monica, agree with the advice of the MPP that the Santa Monica City Council drop the moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and instead enact reasonable regulations permitting dispensaries within the city limits (“Council to consider moratorium on pot shops,” Sept. 24). I want reasonable and safe access within my city. And so do many of my friends and other citizens of Santa Monica.

I remember Measure Y in 2006, the lowest law enforcement priority policy which was passed by the voters by, if I remember correctly, 65 percent of the vote. Much in part by MPP lobbying in Santa Monica.

It’s election time. If our council rejects our advice, that should leave Santa Monica citizens to boot these elected council members out of office.

Please make your voice be heard Tuesday at the City Council meeting. And don’t be afraid to vote the incumbents out for new council members to replace the pawns that comprise today’s City Council.


Fiona Gonsier

Santa Monica

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