Residents be aware!

As my husband and I were walking along Ocean Avenue after dinner last night, a homeless woman walks alongside us, starts yelling loudly, jumps across my husband and punches me in the face, and runs off.

We immediately call the police to report this, and when the police arrived, they were very familiar with this woman and had answered many calls regarding previous disturbances by her over the past weeks!

We in Santa Monica have become so used to the homeless we pass in the parks, sleeping in doorways and taking up the Third Street Promenade benches, we forget the fact that they can be a threat to our safety.

We need to wake up, Santa Monica. We should not allow the lax attitude of the Santa Monica Police Department, which patrols our streets. It might be more than an assault/misdemeanor that happens to one of us next time.

Claudia Prevost

Santa Monica

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