I learned Friday that Santa Monica intends to enact an ordinance to ban outright medical marijuana dispensaries (“Council to consider moratorium on pot shops,” Sept. 24). The dirty, backroom politics involved here are boldfaced and shameful.

For a city that purports to uphold the rights of medical marijuana patients, the hypocrisy here is stunning. Recently, the City Council dropped a proposal to ban smoking within apartments for its supposed concern for patients. On the other hand, the city is fighting tooth-and-nail to squash a health and safety testing lab for medical marijuana within the city.

This is all within a city where a “lowest law enforcement priority policy” relative to recreational marijuana use has been enacted; though only by a ballot measure by the residents themselves. Santa Monicans had to go over City Hall’s head to enact that measure.

Worse, since the legalization of medical marijuana in California, City Hall has claimed that it has no ban on dispensaries. As recently as a couple of months ago, it testified so in its fight with the testing lab. Now, suddenly, City Hall aims to ban dispensaries. Apparently, City Hall is fine with recreational pot smoking, but loathes a patient’s right to test their medication or to get it locally.

On Oct. 2 when the dispensary ban proposal is heard at the council meeting, all Santa Monicans should be watching. Then, come November, the hypocrites should be given the boot!


Fiona Gonsier

Santa Monica

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