I have never felt more compelled to ask for your help. This election is absolutely critical: we must restore California’s financial health and prevent corporations from taking over our political process.

Proposition 30 is Gov. Brown’s tax and education initiative. Prop. 30 must pass to ensure that there are no further cuts in education or public safety. If it fails, there will be fewer teachers in the classrooms, college-level classes will be cut and college tuition will go through the roof. To avoid disastrous results, we must help our fellow Californians understand the importance of passing this measure.

Proposition 32 is Citizens United on steroids. Quite simply, the California Democratic Party as we know it will cease to exist if this measure passes. Billionaires and super PACs will rule the political landscape — leaving California working families in the dust. The deceptiveness of Prop. 32 is particularly concerning. It appears to be even-handed. But don’t be fooled. That is why I need your help in educating voters on the importance of defeating Prop. 32.

I am not asking for money. I am asking for just a bit of your time. An hour or two if you’re working and don’t have much free time is all I ask. Two or three hours a week if you do have the time, calling fellow California Democrats to educate them and get them to the polls.

I know the Palisades Democratic Club has asked for help in the past. But the stakes have never been this high. No doubt you share my concern for the future of California. There are only days left until Election Day, and your help will make all the difference.


Melissa Grant

Pacific Palisades Democratic Club President

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