Sweet Crush Ice Bar offers refreshing desserts without the guilt that comes with indulging in calorie-loaded ice cream.
Sweet Crush Ice Bar offers refreshing desserts without the guilt that comes with indulging in calorie-loaded ice cream.

Here are a few reasons why Sweet Crush Ice Bar is worth a quick little bike ride up San Vicente Boulevard into Brentwood.
Sweet Crush is rather unique compared to your everyday Baskin-Robbins or Pinkberry. It’s not ice cream or frozen yogurt, but instead something completely different. Their offerings are broken down into two categories, the Sweet Crush and the Pure Crush. The biggest difference is the Sweet Crush has dairy, the Pure Crush doesn’t.
The Sweet Crush variety starts with a big spinning cylinder of flavored ice. When the blade meets the block, frozen ribbons are formed creating the palate pleasing treat.
Unlike Pinkberry, the final product is much more light, but still retains that milky-smooth consistency. Like Pinkberry (if not better) there are a variety of toppings to embellish your dessert. Sweet Crush pearls and dark chocolate ribbons on iced espresso shavings was a good call. Along with looking good, it is satisfying yet does not make you feel weighted down afterwards. Other flavors include peanut butter, chocolate, mango, coconut, earl grey and original.
The Pure Crush variety features fruit flavors turned to snow. When the juice meets the liquid nitrogen, flavored dry ice is formed creating a super cold concoction. It is similar to eating a snow cone but much colder and with fresher flavor. The Pure Crush is not syrupy nor is it too sweet. Since there is no dairy in the mix, it is very refreshing. There are around 10 flavors to choose from as well. I recommend the mojito. It’s kind of like Italian ice redefined.
The way the machines work, samples cannot be given out. In reality the sample people just hold up the line. What is the point of sampling anyway? Are you not expecting to taste mango when sampling the mango flavor? Nonetheless, the sample people will not be quieted and can be found ranting about on Yelp. Some people just want it all.
The big plus of Sweet Crush is that the calorie count is considerably lower than frozen yogurt. A small size is anywhere from 70 to 130 calories. As for some of the decadent toppings, you’re on your own with that!
With the heat not letting up just quite yet, Sweet Crush offers a light and refreshing alternative to your run-of-the-mill ice cream and frozen yogurt. And after riding up to Brentwood on the bicycle, it’s well-deserved.

If you go
Sweet Crush Ice bar
11753 San Vicente Blvd.
Brentwood, Calif.
(310) 820-0607

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