Bryniarski (Photo courtesy Google Images)

CITY HALL — Actor Andrew Bryniarski and his girlfriend are no longer facing charges of animal cruelty after the City Attorney’s Office decided to drop the case, city officials said Friday.
Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in the reincarnation of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” was arrested on Sept. 8 along with his girlfriend, Jennifer Abram, for allegedly hoarding 25 Pomeranians inside a mobile home that was parked in Santa Monica.
Police said the dogs were left unattended and seemed to be in poor shape, however, the puppies were later examined by officials at the city’s animal shelter and were found to be in good health.
“Based on supplemental reports provided by Animal Control, we felt we couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Terry White, chief deputy city attorney with the Criminal Division.
Bryniarski told celebrity news website that he was running a mobile adoption center for the dogs and that he was providing food and water for them all along. He said city officials didn’t like that he parked his RV on a residential street and wanted to drive him out.
A spokesman for the Santa Monica Police Department said officers responded to the RV after receiving at least two calls from concerned residents who heard the sound of dogs crying or barking coming from the mobile home.
Bryniarski told that he believes the publicity has hurt his chances of landing acting gigs and may sue City Hall.

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