I was particularly struck by the article on the front page of the recent issue of Seascape regarding the increased number of major traffic accidents in Santa Monica — fatalities, hit and runs, etc.

What does the city think is going to be the result of the increase in development? That people will start parachuting in instead of driving? What do they think is the result of attracting tourists and students and businesses with all the construction that is happening and scheduled to happen before we have an increase in public transportation in place (or even after)? That we will rush out to buy and learn to Rollerblade or skateboard in vast numbers? Are we all going to learn to carpool to run errands? Good idea perhaps, but not realistic.

I am (sadly) anticipating an increase in bicycle injuries (I see lots of bicyclists without helmets), and have been much more alert than ever driving around town as I observe near accidents on the uptick.

It’s a bit of a mine field of late. We just don’t have streets wide enough. We don’t even have enough area!


Ellen Mark

Santa Monica

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