It is my understanding that a public library has always been a source of pride for a community (“Libraries as homeless shelters,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 4). The object being to offer education and resources to both rich and poor, homeless and housed. We, as a community, should be concerned that so many homeless have no other haven. It is a direct reflection on our response to their need.
But what better place could they find for temporary relief? What other choice do they have? Maybe the concerned citizens who would deny the homeless the resources of our public library would also suggest that we offer up proof of residency before entering the doors? Maybe we should include a financial statement with our application for a library card?
In my opinion, a community’s success is judged on how it treats its unfortunate members. Contrary to popular opinion, we do have the wealth and resources to assure housing, food and education for our entire community.

Robert M. Rose
Santa Monica

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