Bill Clinton’s eloquent, impassioned address at the Democratic National Convention was the highlight of the convention. The audience was thrilled, excited and energized by it.

No doubt many Americans watching the speech on TV were similarly moved. (Though most were watching the Cowboys-Giants game on NBC, which got an 8.7 rating. The DNC coverage scored a pathetic 0.9. Let it not be said that Americans don’t have their priorities straight.)

After a prolonged, detailed enumeration of President Obama’s many successes in his presidency and assuring us of an even more successful second term, Clinton produced his best gritty squint and told us “I believe that with all my heart.”

Who could have doubted him?

Such sincere, compelling rhetoric had not been heard from a politician since then-President Bill Clinton sat alone in a starkly furnished room, looked straight into the camera and finger-wagged to the American people that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Who could have doubted him?


David Stoughton

Santa Monica

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