A SOS signal to the Ghostbusters needs to be sent now to help solve a different problem. The problem hangs around 24/7 on Colorado Avenue in the vicinity of the bicycle rental shop just east of McDonald’s. The odors are nauseating and ubiquitous in the region. Furthermore, they are concentrated to the point that it causes one to hold their breath as much as possible for about 50 meters.

Now, until the city can successfully troubleshoot this problem and find a permanent solution, a suggestion for the bike rental place to make more profit — gas mask rentals, too.

We do not have to put up with sewer bad breath, if this is the cause of the foul air in that small area. This problem should be solved before the November election so we can all vote with a clean head for the least incompetent person to lead our nation in Washington, D.C.


Dennis R. Malm

Santa Monica

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