I really hope Chez Jay stays with its oasis of times remembered and camaraderie to share or relax and “keep it real” atmosphere. It’s our spot every May 5 to gather a group of friends since the passing of our friend, Joy, 9 years ago. She wanted us to stay together for her son, Chance. We gather from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Malibu, Calabasas and are graciously welcomed and treated to a leisurely feast.

We share stories and pictures. It’s a standing invitation to anyone who knew her and over the years we have made Chez Jay “Chez Joy” for that night.

I look forward to the new surrounding park and atmosphere and I hope everything will be done to incorporate the little slice of history and well-being that is Chez Jay into the evolving area. Thank you for your consideration!

Then there is the main post office. It remains my go-to place for mailing and I do go out of my way just to go there. I can go to the self-service area and take care of packages to family and friends. I enjoy buying stamps with the original artwork. I mail newspaper clippings to my dad in Maine and share a bit of local news. Nothing is the same as receiving a hands-on letter; it’s personal and connected in a way electronics cannot be. This location is ideal and I respectfully appeal to the Congress to find a way to release the stranglehold on the U.S. Postal Service to allow them to manage the deficit in a reasonable manner. Please!


Alice Williams

Santa Monica

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