In the shameful deluge of blatant lies spewed out at the Republican revival meeting in Tampa, Fla., it is difficult to single out a target in special need of truth serum.
So, let me just respond to those who gleefully found yet another opportunity to misquote, misunderstand and criticize President Obama, only to hang themselves out as hateful ignoramuses by not understanding that no business is created in a vacuum. Every business is built with help all around!
Unless you desperately need to find something to hang Obama on, it shouldn’t be too intellectually challenging to grasp the president’s point, namely that no one is an island by himself, unless you sit on one isolated from everybody else, in which case you couldn’t build a business!
Try to develop a thriving business in that environment! Although easier to develop successful businesses in a well-organized society, with law, order and regulations like ours, we still depend upon each other and on an infrastructure that moves people and goods and provides common necessities like energy, water, sanitary systems, etc. Businesses large and small need a functional monetary system, educated employees, suppliers, and a market, including customers who can afford to buy what’s being produced.
Power to those who have started and developed successful enterprises, but it couldn’t be done without a society stimulated by other businesses as well as government! We work together and help each other — that’s our strength!
Some realism and a little humility would go a long way, not to mention honesty! Even Mitt Romney wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without governmental assistance.
I’m sure many feel we would have been better off without governmental assistance for Bain Capital!

Jorg Aadahl
San Mateo, Calif.

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