Two recent articles in the Daily Press made me angry. One was the announcement that all lights were to be replaced on the Santa Monica Pier with lights that would last longer and shine a certain way (“Pier to get new, more efficient lighting,” Aug. 20). At what cost?

The other article announced there was no money for needed repairs to our local high school (“Council stalls Civic, Samohi improvements,” Aug. 15)!

Where are our priorities — light bulbs against education?

I am so concerned about education, because without mine I would have missed one of the most wonderful experiences — the ability to serve as a Navy celestial air navigator in World War II because of my bachelor’s degree in math.

In my family, from my father to my grandchildren, each of them was able to enter the profession they love because of their education. And how many thousands of lives would not have been saved without the Heimlich maneuver (my brother’s contribution)?

So, please, let’s get a City Council with priorities that will help the people of Santa Monica instead of the council members.


Cecilia Rosenthal

Santa Monica

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