With the local election season upon us, there seems to be plenty to think about. There’s development, budget deficits and, as always, funding for education.

So, this week’s Q-Line question asks:

What do you think is the most pressing issue in Santa Monica as we approach election day?

Here are your responses:

“The most pressing issue that we must deal with is who in the City Council is going to close this airport? No negotiation, no compromise. This needs to be closed. If they compromise now, they are just going to change later and we will be in the same shoes we are in now. The only reason there is not more controversy is because the city and the federal government have worn us out. We’ve all complained, we are tired of complaining. It does no good. Now it’s time to vote these people out who are not going to close the airport. I don’t care if it is an empty field. The airport has to go. That area is worth millions. I don’t know why it’s being wasted on such a small group of individuals, all of which probably don’t live in Santa Monica. And none of the Santa Monica residents are suffering from the negative impact of the airport. It’s on west L.A., it’s on Venice.”

“Santa Monica residents are not happy with the council’s efforts regarding Santa Monica Airport. The council has failed to address the safety and health concerns stemming from their airport’s operations. SMO issues will be an important topic this election.”

“I think the most important campaign issue in Santa Monica, or one of the most, is the question of the airport and what’s going to happen.”

“Overdevelopment, traffic, congestion, parking nightmares. All caused by City Council approval of overdevelopment. The City Council so very much likes to pretend that they care deeply about sustainability, and it’s true they do a lot of high-profile, symbolic things related to sustainability. But every single one of the City Council members who are sitting today, who continue to vote over and over again for overdevelopment, should be replaced.”

“In the first place, anything that is a pressing issue to the citizens, and there are many issues that need attention, will be and have been totally ignored by the city government, or at least lip service has been offered. Government of the people, by the people and for the people is non-existent. But for starters anyway, a suggestion, get rid of the escalating bum and mooch population. People are sick of supporting these loafers from all over the county, and having them lying around our parks, our streets, shoplifting in our stores. It’s disgusting. That needs a lot of attention.”

“The most important issue is Santa Monica Airport. The toxic, wasteful health issue needs to be closed in 2015. We need elected officials to fight for the residents living nearby to close the airport, close the loopholes and fight the FAA. Santa Monica Airport is the problem.”

“The most pressing issue in Santa Monica is to make sure no one is reelected. I can’t think of even one person in this town, whether it is the city college, the totally inept school board, or the European socialist model City Council, that is worthy of my vote. Trying to hold down my lunch after reading what your carpet-bagging city manger called our town a success. I see no success in uncontrolled development and repulsive overtaxation of our citizens. Endless tax hikes against the good people of Santa Monica is like sex and drugs to these conceit[ed] egos. The world is full of stupid people. Wise up. Instead of voting your miserable vanity, vote for new people, new ideas, a new direction, but most of all vote for the individual thinker over the City Hall approval of a banana republic goal.”

“I would like to see all the candidates speak out in favor of repairing the important ‘Chain Reaction’ sculpture in the Civic Center.”

“The most urgent concern is to vote out all the amoral council members who energetically devote themselves to ruining the city for personal gain. … A family who used to live her recently visited us … and [they were] appalled to see the traffic, road rage and to learn of the increasing crime, not to mention the overdevelopment and the shabby quality of that development. We could only agree.”

“For me it’s the streets. They need to even them out and spend more money to make the curbs more accessible for disabled people, such as yours truly.”

“Development. It’s everywhere of course, but overwhelmingly in the southeastern section of Santa Monica, an area already impacted by the college. And there is no neighborhood organization that represents this section of the city.”

“The polluting Santa Monica Airport. … Many groups, 15 at least, are gathering together to fight this airport, which seems to be at odds with Santa Monica claiming that it’s a green city. … The airport has gotten huge. It’s not a cute, small airport anymore. Residents are very concerned about health and safety issues at the airport.”

“First of all, stop threatening to pull down all our icons, such as the post office, “Chain Reaction,” Civic Center, Fairmont Hotel. We should have learned from the threat to pull down the pier. The other thing is the overdevelopment, which is causing the most horrendous smog and traffic. And there is a definite lack of trees to catch the particulates.”

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