To the United States postmaster general,

Never underestimate the power of citizens to put the United States Postal Service out of business, especially when it makes stupid decisions that are only about the money — dollars (“Downtown post office to close,” Aug. 17).

I am urging all my friends and business associates to stop using USPS. And I have a lot of friends listed in the who’s who in America finance and industry. You won’t notice us getting less mail little by little. But we will put you out of business. You have upset way too many people.

Your decision is going to eventually cost you your job and all jobs at USPS. You wait and see. I am not the only one you have upset and as a retired person thank you for giving me a cause to spend 80 hours a week on. And I will spend 80 hours a week telling everyone to stop using you.

How? Good question. I subscribe to 40-plus magazines. I am converting all to electronic subscriptions and urging others to do so as well to put you out of business. For all of my bills I am turning to automatic bill pay and urging others to do likewise.

You are selling high-priced real estate to make ends meet. You are like a turkey with your head cut off, making irrational decisions that affect your clients, some of whom have supported you for half a century or longer in some cases. We will replace you with someone better like FedEx. Don’t think it can’t, won’t happen.

One more stupid decision of USPS, closing the Fifth Street post office like thousands of others sold due to your lack of management skills. Santa Monica citizens please stop using the USPS. Let the USPS understand that the city of Santa Monica and its residents are going to help further put you out of business. You are out of touch with your clients. You failed us. Never underestimate what one person can do (let alone a whole city) to show you how big a mistake you made closing our post office.


Fiona Gonsier

Santa Monica

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