Response to “Get rid of the word ‘marriage'” (Letters to the Editor) published on Aug. 10.

When I read the letter published by Sadia Carone I was saddened and furious by the inherent homophobia and lack of understanding that exists regarding gay marriage.

In this article, the author attempted to use mathematics to prove her point. She suggested that civil union is the same as marriage and she encouraged readers to think of the number 7.

She stated that because 5+2=7 and 3+4=7 then “things indeed can be separate but equal.”

There are so many things wrong with this assumption but in order to keep it simple to help the author realize the gaps in her mathematical logic I will keep the theme going.

While it is true that 5+2=7, unfortunately under our current regulation 3+4=2

Think about that! Who would not have a problem with the last equation? No one can disagree that 5+2=3+4 =7=marriage

While 5, 2, 3 and 4 all are very different, when they come together, they deserve the same equal rights, nothing less and nothing more.

Currently under federal regulation, gay couples that have a civil union do not have the same benefits as married couples do. Here are just a few of the differences: Couples who have a civil union cannot file joint tax returns or be eligible for tax breaks or protections that the government affords to married couples. Federal benefits, such as survivor benefits through Social Security, sick leave to care for ailing partners, tax breaks, veterans benefits and insurance breaks are also not offered to partners in civil unions in the same way that they are offered to married couples. Most importantly, more gay married couples are raising children through adoption or surrogacy and their children deserve all the same rights that their friends who come from non-same sex married families are currently able to enjoy.



Alen Voskanian, MD

Father of two sons

Happily “married”

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