City officials have so far refused to grant a business license to the owner of a laboratory that tests medical marijuana samples for potency and the presence of pesticides and mold.

So this week, Q-Line asked:
Is banning a marijuana laboratory where no pot is sold a solid plan, or should City Hall ease up and allow the business?

Here are your responses:

“Definitely ban this so-called laboratory. It’s just a foot in the door to the next step — marijuana-for-sale shops. Who do they think they are kidding? There is a big illegal drug culture in Santa Monica already, which no one seems to be able to control. Why should we put the stamp of approval on a so-called testing laboratory, which everyone with half a brain knows that they are all fronts for the flourishing drug trade and to cement this horror even further in our society. Wakey, wakey citizens.”

“The last time I checked the Constitution it says that we are free and I think it’s awful City Hall is trying to poke their noses where their noses ain’t supposed to be. Let the medical marijuana business set up in San Malicious.”

“I do think the marijuana laboratory should be allowed to be in Santa Monica. Make certain to have it in a location that is definitely controlled and heavily monitored so they are aware of who goes in and out and it isn’t open 24 hours a day.”

“I think they should not ban the marijuana laboratory testing place. They’re not selling pot, they’re just providing a service to ensure quality control. City Hall should just lighten up and allow this business. What’s the big deal? Isn’t there more important business elsewhere?”

“Santa Monica City Council members have their priorities all messed up. Why are they focusing on this testing laboratory? They should spend time improving the traffic flow in Santa Monica, and I don’t mean putting in more medians.”

“Legalize it, don’t criticize it. In 1937, DuPont and the Melons were pushing their new artificial clothing. Cotton and hemp cloth were the main competition. The price of hemp had dropped and out of fear of cheap hemp they conspired to outlaw hemp by calling it by its Mexican nickname — marijuana or Mary Jane. Through deceit and lies it was made illegal. The three crops that built America were cotton, tobacco and hemp. Hemp was grown and probably consumed by both Washington and Jefferson. It was used for food, clothing, shoes, paper, fuel, canvas, bags, rope, sails and was used in many medical concoctions for both man and animals. We need to legalize it once again in the next election. It can help with our budget woes by adding taxes. It helps heal and help pain. These unconstitutional laws about what we can eat and consume have caused great harm to tens of thousands of people who just want to take a simple plant that God has given us. Billions of dollars have been wasted by arresting and jailing people for something that should never have been made illegal. Our state pot laws have been confusing and ridiculous as we see in our own crazy town. Let the poor guy test pot. Whatever happened to freedom in America? Vote to make pot legal.”

“We oppose making the illegal marijuana so available to our children. Our teens will be drunk, stoned and be driving killing themselves and other people. If parents don’t care, City Hall has to intervene and stop this corruption. No sale. No thank you.”

“On Oct. 16, 2011, the California Medical Association (CMA) promulgated its official position on medical marijuana. The CMA’s position is that marijuana should be rescheduled (off Schedule I) and regulated to foster scientific research and better medical application. Said Dr. James T. Hay, (CMA president), ‘CMA may be the first organization of its kind to take this position, but we won’t be the last. This was a carefully considered, deliberative decision made exclusively on medical and scientific grounds. As physicians, we need to have a better understanding about the benefits and risks of medicinal cannabis so that we can provide the best care possible to our patients.’ Santa Monica is a global center for medical research. Golden State Collective brings the greatest level of science and technology to the study and testing of medical marijuana. The city has a reputation of being on the cutting edge of science and technology. This is an ideal opportunity for Santa Monica to demonstrate that leadership. The business should be permitted.”

“I read your article, “Owner of pot lab goes on offensive,” dated Aug. 8. Santa Monica’s refusal to grant a business license for a medical marijuana testing laboratory does not make sense. The city acknowledges that some of their residents are medical marijuana users by shelving an ordinance that would have banned smoking in apartment complexes. So why not protect the health and safety of Santa Monicans by testing their medication? City Hall should ease up and allow a medical marijuana testing laboratory to set up shop in Santa Monica. To quote the article, ‘… is a laboratory that takes samples of marijuana from dispensaries and individuals to test for desired traits to treat patients’ symptoms as well as unwanted extras like mold, pesticides and other chemicals… . By the end of the testing process, the marijuana sample used for the analysis is completely destroyed, and the patient or dispensary has detailed information about what is in their medicine.’ This sounds like a win-win situation for Santa Monicans who require the use of medical marijuana. City Hall allows for the sale of narcotic prescription painkillers. But City Hall is aware of the deadly side effects that these medications will cause their residents. How many Santa Monicans are in rehab or dead due to medical marijuana overdose? None. So why not be proactive? Help protect and support Santa Monicans by allowing some measure of quality control vis-√†-vis a marijuana testing lab. It does not make sense.”

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