Surprise, surprise, we just got word the United States Postal Service is going to close the convenient Downtown post office and put the building up for sale (“Downtown post office to close,” Aug. 17).
At the hearing a few weeks ago everybody in the room seemed to know it was already a done deal, but the dog-and-pony-show happened anyway because that’s how you play the game.
But the game is really much bigger than just our local post office, it’s the whole postal system imposed by Congress. It doesn’t work and it doesn’t serve America.
I think all we can do now is write [Congressman Henry] Waxman, [U.S. Sens. Barbara] Boxer and [Dianne] Feinstein and tell them we will never vote for them again if they don’t fix the postal system. Where are our priorities?
I would much rather see a post office in Downtown Santa Monica than a recreational vehicle on the planet Mars.

Richard Orton
Santa Monica

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