The William H. Hannon Foundation, founded in 1982 by Catholic philanthropist and real estate developer William H. Hannon, has recently provided grants to seven organizations on the Westside.

To this day, the foundation still supports Catholic churches and schools, hospitals and social service organizations. Three of the seven organizations are active in Santa Monica, including the CLARE Foundation, homeless service provider OPCC and St. Joseph Center in Venice.

In receiving its grant, the CLARE Foundation in Santa Monica will direct funds toward its new women’s treatment program, an all-female environment that provides the safe and distraction-free place needed to address issues specific to women in recovery.

Founded in the late 1960s, the CLARE Foundation is a leader in outpatient addiction treatment throughout Los Angeles County. Similarly, OPCC in Santa Monica will use its grant to continue financial support for homeless, mentally ill women. For almost 50 years, OPCC has been the largest human services provider on the Westside.

St. Joseph Center received its grant in continued support of the agency’s family center and food pantry. By helping working families maintain stability and practice self-sufficiency, the family center and food pantry is the heart of St. Joseph Center’s efforts. The organization was founded in 1976, and now helps over 6,000 people annually.

“My late uncle, our foundation’s founder, believed in providing multiple grants of various sizes to worthy organizations and then helping raise the organizations’ profiles so that other donors would join in supporting their good works,” said Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, president of the foundation. “He was especially interested in supporting schools and social service providers. We continue to carry on this tradition.”

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