On the evening of Saturday, Aug. 18, the Santa Monica Police Department will conduct a DUI/driver’s license checkpoint at an undisclosed location within the city limits as a part of the ongoing campaign to reduce alcohol-involved accidents.

DUI checkpoints are conducted to identify offenders, who can expect jail time, license suspension and increased insurance costs, as well as fines, fees, DUI classes, court probation and other expenses as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, checkpoints provide the most effective documented results of any DUI enforcement strategy.

“Over the course of the past year, DUI drivers were involved in 12 collisions, which injured 19 people,” Santa Monica Police Lt. Jay Trisler said.

For more information, please contact Sgt. Philbo Rubish at the Santa Monica Police Department Traffic Section at (310) 458-8950, or Sgt. Richard Lewis, the public information officer, at (310) 458-8462.


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