Dear Mr. Bill Bauer,

Please keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight against petty bureaucrats and wannabe petty bureaucrats — for example, whoever at Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights (SMRR) is playing “hide the football” with SMRR’s bylaws (“Intrigue and shenanigans on the local political front,” My Write, Aug. 6)!

Please, in your column, stay on their case and keep us informed of each of their evasions. That bit about Gleam Davis running away from you is a classic. (Is it possible that no such SMRR bylaws exist? If so, are people at SMRR making it up as they go along?)

Also, please continue to expose the bogus election-year front groups such as Santa Monicans For This or Santa Monicans For That. We do need to know what interests they really represent, and nobody uncovers the dirty little secrets as well as you do!

In short, I salute you as a muckraker in the grand tradition of I.F. Stone. Are you old enough to recall that inexhaustible enemy of bureaucratic arrogance? All he did was force the scoundrels to defend their own horse manure and follow their own rules — rubbed their noses in it, you might say — and Lord how they hated him for it. But then, worms under a rock never like to be exposed to sunlight, do they?


Jim Picco

Santa Monica