Can anyone tell me why the city of Santa Monica would choose to do construction on both 20th Street and Cloverfield Boulevard, the entrances to the freeway, at the same time? Surely not as a convenience to residents and commuters. Now Stewart Street joins in the misery.

I would also like to know how City Hall intends to funnel traffic to the new Metro rail stop at Bergamot Station, since the traffic jam from Venice to the freeway on 20th, 23rd, and Cloverfield is already at more than maximum capacity. Were air quality studies on 23rd Street and Cloverfield between Ocean Park and Pico boulevards contained in the environmental impact report?

I live on 23rd Street. Last Thursday at 5 p.m. it took me half an hour just to get to Sepulveda Boulevard taking Ocean Park Boulevard and then Pico. Sometimes it is impossible for me to get out of the driveway and onto my street. On 23rd, we do not even have the help of large trees to mitigate the air quality. The proposed residential and retail density at Bergamot, in addition to traffic generated to and from Google’s new facilities in Venice, along with the proposed construction on Olympic and Bundy and Pico and Centinela, will make life in the four blocks between Ocean Park and Pico in my little residential neighborhood (already absorbing fumes from the freeway itself and from the airport) even more of a traffic hell than it already is.

I think it is time for a big change at City Hall.


Sharon Hagen

Santa Monica

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