The truth: The killings in the theater in Aurora, Colo. could not have happened without guns. It would be impossible for one person to kill and wound that many people without guns. And the National Rifle Association’s answer, arm all Americans to the teeth and this will not happen. And chickens won’t lay eggs.

The NRA and its surrogate, the Republican Party, are making it ever easier to have a gun, claiming that guns are for hunting and self-protection. Somebody forgot to mention that to James Holmes or any of the others who have gone on wild killing sprees. Guns are used for killing, whether it’s animals or humans.

Countries that have gun control laws don’t have the problems America has: over 100,000 people were killed and injured with guns last year. And you just know there are others out there already planning to one-up James Holmes. How will they do it; guns, guns, guns.


Ron Lowe

Santa Monica

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