The income eligibility limits for the senior citizens utility user’s tax (UUT) exemption program were revised for 2012-13, effective July 1.

This program exempts seniors and disabled individuals from having to pay the city’s UUT if they are below a certain income level.

The new eligibility limits are $27,657 annual gross income for single person households, and $31,692 annual gross income for two or more person households. These limits correspond with the 2.2 percent increase in the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange counties CPI-W Index for December 2010 to December 2011.

This program is beneficial to many seniors and disabled individuals in Santa Monica.

“As seniors and disabled individuals have limited income and resources, this is a benefit that they are eligible for,” Michelle Quiroga-Diaz, director for In-Home Services at WISE & Healthy Aging, said. “It helps improve their overall financial stability.”

To be eligible for this program, certain qualifications must be met. The individual must be a Santa Monica resident, be 62 years of age or meet criteria of disability as established by the Social Security Administration and have a utility bill that is in their name.

Applications are available at WISE & Healthy Aging, at 1527 Fourth St., second floor.



— Hannah Berkman

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