One dark night too many. Stop these massacres now!

Enough of this cursed Second Amendment which leads to a nation armed to the teeth and a citizenry which must risk going down in a hail of machine gun bullets wherever they go. Going to school? Driving the freeway? Going for a hamburger? Going to a movie with your kids? Then prepare to die, for this is modern America.

Enough of the Republican gun-lover propaganda, which says guns are good but results in bad people and crazies condemning their fellow countrymen to death and appointing themselves as executioner. This slaughter of innocents is not going to go away. This is only going to get worse until the good people of America come to their senses and stop drinking the National Rifle Association Kool-Aid.

Enough of violent and sick Hollywood movies which inculcate a culture of violence into the minds of youth. We no longer have a civilization. It’s time to recognize this. When you can be massacred anywhere you go, then you do not have a civilization.

The America we knew and loved died in a hail of bullets [the other] night in a Colorado cinema as the Dark Knight rose and America fell, doomed by its own freedoms.


Neil Macula

Santa Monica

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