The embarrassing saga of the Wilshire-Montana Neighborhood Coalition struggle for power, which involves two factions and one absurd election, needs to be addressed by city officials as soon as possible before it further deteriorates and possibly becomes unruly.

Currently there are two groups claiming to represent the residents of Wilmont. Lawyers have been hired, threats have been made and city officials sit by while chaos ensues. Normally, we would not advocate for City Hall’s involvement, but this case is different because Wilmont receives thousands of dollars in grant funding from taxpayers.

City Hall must step in and mediate. Representatives from the City Attorney’s Office should be brought in to review all bylaws and financial documents to ensure the neighborhood group has been operating correctly and help administer a fair and proper election based on current bylaws, not unwritten rules and long-standing traditions.

The same goes for all others. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for city officials to meet with representatives from all of the neighborhood groups to check in on where they stand, review their bylaws and ensure that those in charge are doing what they are supposed to do. This newspaper is not questioning the integrity of other groups. We just feel that a review couldn’t hurt and may help groups better govern themselves so that they can play a greater role in the public process.

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