Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio, Inc. will begin a master plan and a space needs program for Santa Monica’s Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.

For the past 70 years, Mt. Olive has been a staple in the neighborhood, serving as the host to myriad community services and events, such as yoga classes, adult education, preschool services and after-school programs.

Intending to move forward as a place of a worship and a community resource center, Mt. Olive has asked Urban Studio — helmed by architect Gwynne Pugh, who has worked as a leading name in world architecture and Santa Monica for more than 30 years — to assist in reorganizing and adding versatility to the church’s campus.

For the meantime, the programming process will require meetings with the church’s volunteer teams and the Santa Monica community at large — ultimately to produce a comprehensive and sustainable master plan for the 1.5-acre site.

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