Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board Chair Michael Antonovich on Monday introduced a new transit pass program intended to benefit young people previously in the foster care system.

The new program, entitled Youth on the Move, offers free passes to foster children participating in the Los Angeles County Youth Self-Sufficiency Program, which helps with the transition to independent living.

“This new countywide transit pass program — aimed specifically at foster youths transitioning into adulthood — is designed to be a tool to help them continue their education, search for work and be able to accept work in any part of our county,” Antonovich said.

The program began pre-testing in June by providing 20 foster youths between the ages of 18 and 21 with Metro and EZ transit passes. The program launched on July 2 with the hope of helping as many as 2,000 people this year.

All of those in the new Metro program no longer live with a family or are in the process of transitioning out of a group home setting. And all are either employed, looking for work, going to school or, in some cases, all three.

All participants will be provided with TAP (Transit Access Pass) photo identification transit cards that allow them to travel anywhere in Los Angeles County. Distribution of the passes and trip data will be collected and used to help determine the success of the program.

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