A Santa Monica condominium complex is in the running to receive an award for most innovative green renovation project this Thursday.

The Urban Green Council in New York City will issue EBie Awards to those projects that reduced emissions and lowered the amount of energy used.

The condo complex is located at 2311 Fourth St. It is one of 14 building finalists located across the country.

The complex is being recognized among other buildings including St. Mark’s Medical Center in LaGrange, Texas and the Deutsche Bank on Wall Street.

The condo’s homeowners association has spent at least a decade greening the 61-unit complex, resident board member Phil Silver said.

The renovation included the installation of a solar panel system on the building’s roof — which powers 90 percent of the complex’s common area — and compact fluorescent and LED lightbulbs.

The homeowners association is honored to be recognized, said Silver.

For more information, visit the award announcement website at www.ebies.org.

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