Civic Center parking structure on Fourth Street. (photo by Daniel Archuleta)

Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been part of public discussion in the past.

CITY HALL ¬ó The City Council is expected to approve a bevy of purchases for City Hall, a task that proves that small expenditures really add up.

The 62 contracts represent purchase orders for goods and services used throughout the year by various departments, and cost a total of $4,202,256.25.

The contracts are broken down across 14 departments, divisions and offices, and cover things like replacement parts on vehicles, flooring and roofing services and ammunition for police.

In total, the contracts account for most of the $5,374,098.20 consent agenda.


Sometimes, it pays to be green.

City Hall expects to save $32,000 a year on maintenance and energy costs if the City Council approves a new energy-efficient lighting system for the Civic Center Parking Structure.

The current lighting system relies on indirect fixtures to bounce light off of the walls and ceiling of the garage to light the spaces.

Dust settles on the upward-facing lenses, which can dim the lights and makes cleaning necessary.

New fixtures that point downward will reduce energy use and will stay clean longer. The Golden Sun Firm & Co. will install the system for $207,031.

Officials expect that the system will pay for itself in approximately six years based on the maintenance and energy savings.

Finishing touches

City officials are recommending a three-year, $1.8 million contract with Carlos Guzman, Inc. to provide paint jobs for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus coaches.

Paint and body repairs are necessary to keep the coaches in working order and while BBB employees can handle the smaller wear and tear in-house, damage created by major accidents has to be done off-site.

Staff selected Carlos Guzman, Inc. for the contract over three other bidders, two of which were disqualified for not meeting the basic requirements.

The council will only approve $600,000 for services for the 2012-13 fiscal year. The remaining $1.2 million will be approved in future years.

Utilities relocation

The City Council is expected to approve an agreement with Southern California Edison to relocate the utility company’s cables from under a future park to a new duct under Main Street.

Under the compromise, City Hall will provide civil engineering services for the excavation and installation of the cable lines to the new duct under Main Street.

That duct will connect with an existing 330-foot duct bank and electrical vault under Olympic Drive that was installed by Related Development over the course of constructing The Village condominium and apartment complex.

The utility company will do the actual installation of the line through the new duct and connect the cables to an existing duct on Olympic Drive.

City Hall and Southern California Edison would share costs under the agreement, which would be part of the $47 million budget for the Palisades Garden Walk Park.

The total cost of the construction is $158,487.


City officials are proposing a three-year, $240,000 contract for tires and alignment for service vehicles in the Santa Monica Fire Department and the Big Blue Bus system.

Those vehicles need new tires every 20,000 to 40,000 miles or every seven years, as well as tire repair and front wheel alignment as needed. The Big Blue Bus system has 22 such vehicles; the fire department runs 51.

City Hall selected Byron Woodley Tire Co. for the three-year contract.

Only $80,000 will be available for the 2012-13 fiscal year. Future funding depends on council approval in coming years.


City Hall staffers recommend that the council approve a new contract with Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. to cover over $800 million worth of municipal buildings and vehicles.

The company has provided insurance services to City Hall for the past two decades. It is the only company that offers the Public Entity Property Insurance Program, and without it, City Hall would lose access to the advantages of the program.

The program provides difficult-to-obtain insurance coverage for the Santa Monica Pier as well as discounts for cities with a good track record, like Santa Monica.

The City Council is expected to approve $68,000 for the coming year, although the full contract will last five and costs $360,000.

Tree protection

City Hall put a lot of time and energy into developing a plan to best preserve and enhance Santa Monica’s urban forest. Now, officials want to put out cash to protect that investment.

The City Council is expected to approve a $250,000 contract with R. Dan Jensen & Associates to review construction plans and inspect sites where new construction would impact municipal trees.

The consultant would provide no more than 385 hours per year.

The initial contract would be worth $150,000, with two $50,000 extensions.

Rent’s due

City officials are requesting that the council approve a month-to-month lease extension for a property on Fifth Street.

The Office of Sustainability and the Environment employees have been waiting to move from their current offices at 1212 Fifth St. to a new space on Fourth Street.

The space is currently held by City TV, which is waiting for improvements at its new facility on 19th Street to be completed before it moves over.

To account for the delay, City Hall will extend the lease for the Fifth Street space on a month-to-month basis until City TV vacates.

The cost per month is $8,323.95, which covers rent, parking and maintenance costs.

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