CITY HALL ¬ó A man who claimed to be brutally beaten by police at Yankee Doodles was awarded $99,000 in a settlement approved recently by the City Council.

Paul Burke, the plaintiff in the case, alleged that five Santa Monica police officers repeatedly kicked and tased him for no reason as he was leaving the restaurant on the Third Street Promenade, causing injuries which forced him to go to the hospital.

According to a complaint filed in April 2009, Burke and his wife were at Yankee Doodles on March 1, 2008 watching a mixed martial arts event.

When the couple got up to leave, Burke was pushed and then assaulted by an unidentified person in the restaurant.

He left the scene of the fight, but, while he was still in the restaurant, Officer Koby Arnold attacked him from behind, according to the complaint.

Immediately thereafter, Burke alleged that he was tased by Officer Michael Rogozik, and then again by Arnold, at which point Burke fell to the ground.

Once down on the ground, handcuffed and subdued, Burke alleged that officers Dan Larios and Doug Kohno jumped on his back while he was lying face down and repeatedly kicked and punched him in the back, butt and legs. They also used a nunchaku-type weapon.

At that point, Burke alleged that Officer Roberto Villegas also assaulted him with the nunchaku-type weapon.

According to the complaint, Burke was then taken to the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center for treatment for cuts to his neck, abdomen, wrists and back. That included gashes to his flesh from the Tasers.

Burke sued City Hall, and each of the officers individually, for civil rights violations, assault and battery, false arrest, negligence and negligence on the part of City Hall.

Martin Douglas Holly, Burke’s attorney, did not wish to comment for this story.

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