SAMOHI ¬ó Santa Monica High School Principal Laurel Fretz said Thursday that she was planning to send phone and e-mail messages to parents informing them that school will be in session today, the last day of school.

Rumors were circulating on an online message board that some teachers were telling their students they didn’t have to show up, or that attendance is not taken and that all students do “is watch movies.”

While lesson plans may be light, Fretz said Friday is a full day and that teachers will be marking down who is present and who is not.

“According to education code, every day of school is a mandatory day,” Fretz said in an e-mail to the Daily Press. “Contrary to popular rumors, school is in session … .”

School board member Ralph Mechur responded to some of the rumors, emphasizing that each student who chooses not to show up costs the district money since district funding is based on enrollment numbers.

Superintendent Sandra Lyon said that each student brings in about $30 a day in state funding.

One parent posted on Samohi-Pals, a Yahoo group comprised of parents, that the loss of funds for Samohi could reach into the thousands of dollars if all students decided not to attend.

Parent David Searfoss wrote that his kids were planning to attend classes, if only to be marked present.

“It is a financial responsibility for all of us to deal with so please have your kids go to school … ,” he wrote.

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